150 Things to Do in Philadelphia

From five of the Philadelphia area’s most fabulous bloggers (or so we’d like to think of ourselves), we bring you a collaboration of hole-in-the-wall, creative, maybe infamous and definitely local-approved schtuff to see and do in the 215! In no particular order, I”m picking up where the first 30 left off…

31. Walk through the maze of mosaics Philadelphia Magic Gardens. The artist lives on site — you might catch him and his dogs while visiting!

32. Find a crystal, buy incense, learn about your soul mate, play with the wind chimes, or scan a book on yoga, astrology, and other spiritual, mystical things in Garlands & Letters on South Street.

33. Visit The Porch outside 30th Street Station for some of the yummiest, most creative food trucks. No cash? No worries, most now accept credit cards!

34. Grab some friends and a couple discs at a dollar store for frisbee golf at the course in Fairmount Park.

35. Stop and read all the historical markers you see around the city — you might find the birthplace of the U.S. Marines, many successful African American history stories that started in the city, or Grace Kelly’s family home.

36. Check out the random shops in Chinatown for cheap, authentic Asian goods; eat anything with taro in it (smoothies are the best!).

37. Take a yoga class at one of the many studios around the city — most places offer “community classes” that are under $10 or by donation. If you’re a yogi looking for a challenge or something different, try Bikram (read up on how to prepare!), acrobatic yoga, or a workshop.

38. Volunteer at MANNA, or buy a pie from their holiday season fundraiser.

39. Visit the museum and sanctuary of the oldest United Methodist Church in the country at Historic St. George’s United Methodist Church in Old City (The cool non-religious fact: the Ben Franklin Bridge was originally going to be built there, but after much debate, building plans were adjusted because of the church’s historical significance).

40. Sign up for a free art class at Fleisher Art Memorial in Bella Vista. They have a free parking lot!

41. Jam to authentic, live jazz or catch the infamous Thursday night drag show at the divey, cash-only, PBR-decorated Bob & Barbara’s.

42. If you’re stuck at the airport, do some shopping, find the wine bar, get crab fries at Chickie’s & Pete’s (an authentic Philly favorite!) and check out the art installments throughout PHL.

43. Head to Fishtown for Pizza Brain — home to a pizza museum with random, fun pizza memorabilia, then go next door and get a sampler of a few different crazy flavors at Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Best combo ever?!

44. Take fun photos playing on the over-sized board game piece structures at the Municipal Services Building plaza next to City Hall.

45. Wander the antiques and boutiques on Pine Street for a more memorable, artsy souvenir.

46. Check out the bathrooms downstairs at Devil’s Alley, but have a drink and their fried green tomatoes first!

47. After dancing all night at the gay clubs, get in line for drunk pizza at “Gay Pizza” (13th Street Gourmet Pizza), where everyone eats after the bars close.

48. Buy a Groupon, Amazon Deal, Living Social, or other discount site deal for acupuncture at one of Philly’s alternative healing centers and try it! Want to go with a friend? Many places offer Community Acupuncture, more affordable group acupuncture sessions.

49. Bakery shop-hop in South Philly — Isgro’s, Termini Brother’s, Iannelli’s, and Sarcone’s are South Philly Italian staples.

50. Get 3 soft pretzels for $1 at midnight at Center City Pretzel Company on Washington Ave.

51. Go bowling for cheap at PEP Bowl, a vintage, no-thrills alley whose employees are friendly Philadelphians with developmental disabilities.

52. Check the uwishunu.com blog on Friday for what’s going on in Philly that weekend — you never know when there will be a pop-up beer garden or a random festival!

53. After a day of historic site-seeing, dine at City Tavern for an authentic colonial meal and ambiance.

54. Order a salted carmel budino at Barbuzzo, one of several restaurants owned and operated by a couple known as the “queens of 13th Street.”

55. Cross the Frankford Avenue Bridge, the oldest bridge in the United States still in use, while on a hike in Pennypack Park.

56. Walk by the Divine Lorraine Hotel and gawk in complete awe of all its abandoned, graffiti-ed glory.

57. Sun bathe and picnic on Schuylkill River Banks park, go for a walk/jog on the trail, check out the dog park, or go for an event they occasionally host there.

58. Go putt putt golfing at the Philadelphia themed course in Franklin Square, followed by a milkshake by the fountain.

59. Visit the little-known Shofuso Japanese house and garden in West Fairmount Park.

60. Catch an indie film or documentary at one of the Ritz theaters in Old City. Make it a classy affair and dine at Zahav or get drinks at Positano Coast after.

For the beginning and continuation of the to-do list, check out these chicas’ takes on Philly’s best bets:

Jamie  Emily  Alison  Chrystina


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